Welcome to the Harrogate School of Theology & Mission

Harrogate School of Theology & Mission was launched to develop excellent theological and biblical training that is open to all. Our programme takes place on one Saturday morning a month between September and April, alternating between live lectures and seminars, alongside a new weekly small group study group working through John’s gospel over 6 months.


Lectures delivered live and in person by well qualified speakers who are skilled in communicating their message and passionate about its relevance for today, and include breakfast beforehand and time for Q&A afterwards. Lectures are usually held at St Mark’s Church, Harrogate and also available on Zoom.


Seminars are in person biblical studies sessions, either based on video presentations by leading theologians, or with a live local speaker who is an expert in their subject. The seminars start with breakfast, and always include a group discussion. The seminars are being held at Woodlands Methodist Church, Harrogate.

New in 2023/24: Re-reading the Gospel of John : A 6-month journey

Nearly 30 pilgrims across three groups have signed up to the challenge of reading a chapter per week of David Ford’s commentary and meeting on-line once a week to discuss it with fellow learners for an hour between October and March.



In person (including breakfast and refreshments):

  • £8.00 per session
  • Students: £5 per lecture;
  • under 18s free.

Zoom live-stream:

  • £5 per person, bookable via Eventbrite.

Fees payable preferably in advance by the online booking system EventBrite or on the day by contactless card or cheque (to Harrogate School of Theology and Mission).


  • £5 per session;
  • under 18s free.

Bookable in advance by the online booking system EventBrite.

Gospel of John:

Online, and with no charge. All groups for 2023/24 are now full.